A1Group Services is committed to the highest standards possible in Occupational Health and Safety. A1 Group Services believes that all work related injuries and diseases are preventable and considers the prevention of injuries and ill health the most important goal whilst undertaking work. It is our responsibility to create and maintain a healthy and safe work environment for all employees and ensuring our customers’ property, assets and personnel items are protected to meet the objective of “Zero Incidents”.

A1 Group Services


  • Providing safe work systems for the minimisation of the risk of injury to employees, customers and the public
  • Implementing standards that reflect the company’s commitment to work health and safety
  • Implementing procedures for the idetification, assessment and elimination and/or control of workplace hazards and risks
  • Recognising managers and supervisors have primary responsibility for providing and maintaining safe and health work environments
  • Ensuring employees have a sound knowledge and awareness of the principles and practice of workplace health and safety through the provision of appropriate training and information
  • Ensuring equipment is in good order and regularly maintained, and having a system for the identification of workplace hazards, and the assessment and controls of risks
  • Engaging in continuous communication with employees for the improvement of safety, health and the environmental performance achieved